February 10, 2015

On a cold February morning...

...when you've had enough of winter, but winter is actually in full force
...when temperatures regularly dip down to the -20 degree (Celsius) mark, and sometimes even further down
....when you're not sure how you're going to make it through the next two months of cold weather, before spring starts showing up
...when you'd give almost anything to stay in your warm bed rather than start getting ready to head out into the cold
....when the holiday cheer is long gone

This is the kind of morning when you start wondering.....
....why you don't live closer to the equator
...whether summer really exists or it's just an illusion
...if making a living is actually worth getting out of said warm bed
...if you should add that fourth layer or leave it at three
...and so much more of the same.

At least I do.

All jokes aside, every year in January and February, once the holidays are over, I'm reminded just how complicated my relationship with winter is, and that I should maybe start thinking more seriously about living in a warmer region...or at least taking lots of trips to those areas of the world.

Tell me, how do you feel about winter?

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